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The Attorneys of TRUJILLO & VINSON, LLP have been active in the practice of education law and public agency law for more than 25 years.  Our attorneys have a statewide reputation for excellence in their representation of education agencies including K-12 Public Schools, Community Colleges, County Offices of Education, and County Superintendents.  

Our firm assists public agencies / education agencies in a broad range of education related matters, including: 


  • Preparation of pleadings in all types of disputes, including civil writs.
  • Preparation of complaints / petitions to prosecute the rights of the Superintendent or the Board.
  • Preparation for full evidentiary hearings in administrative proceedings and binding arbitrations, including before PERB
  • Discovery, including taking and defending depositions, interrogatories, requests for production of documents, and demanding admissions of fact.
  • Providing legal support and advice prior to and during trials and hearings, including settlement negotiations.
  • Provide representation during appeals, if necessary. 

Recommendations and Representation regarding employee layoffs, discipline, and discharge.
Management training on staff evaluation, and documentation for disciplinary reasons.
Advice regarding subpoenas of employee records.
FEHA and EEOC advice and representation.
Employee Fringe Benefits matters, like COBRA, STRS, and PERS
Wage and Hour Law advice and representation. 
School / Workplace Safety and Violence Prevention.
Other personnel-related services as required.


Analysis of union proposals.
Preparation of management proposals.
Representation at bargaining sessions.
Drafting of counterproposals and contract language.
Analysis and recommendations regarding existing CBAs. 
Defense or prosecution of unfair practice charges.
Handling of Grievance/Arbitrations, including hearings.
Other labor relations services as required.


Analysis and recommendations relating to contract language.
Analysis and recommendations relating to construction related disputes.
Review of contracts and MOUs, including those for real estate and construction.
Recommendations regarding contract-related grievance processing and arbitration.
Review of bid documents
Representation of agency client in construction defect disputes / litigation.


Analysis of and recommendations regarding student discipline issues.
Constitutional and Civil Rights Issues
Special Education Hearings and ADR; advice on IEPs
Recommendations regarding appropriate student placements for students with issues covered by Special Education / IDEA and Section 504 regulations.
Due Process Hearings
Full Inclusion
Behavior Intervention Plans
Regular and Special Education Student Discipline and Expulsion
Advice regarding subpoenas of student records.
ESL and Bilingual Education
Student records privacy and confidentiality
Zero Tolerance Policies
Expulsion Appeals and Re-admission Hearings
Interdistrict Transfers
Other student-related services as required.


TRUJILLO & VINSON, LLP understands the needs of community colleges, and is prepared to address and counsel on all areas that affect them on a day-to-day basis.   We assist community colleges on all employment related matters, labor issues, collective bargaining agreements, litigation, arbitration, federal, state and local compliance and a variety of other legal matters as they arise.


Conflicts of interest.
Technology use and misuse
Public meeting requirements of the Ralph M. Brown Act and public agency committees and subcommittees.
Consultation on Board policies and regulations.
Claims under the California Government / Tort Claims Act.
The California Public Records Act.

TRUJILLO & VINSON, LLP uses current technology to remain accessible to clients 24/7/365.  We use cloud-based information technology, and we are small and agile enough to adapt our IT strategies to meet client needs. 



Trujillo & Vinson LLP attorneys have represented both employers and plaintiffs in all areas of employment and labor law.


Employment / Labor Law

Litigation, Arbitration, and Administrative Agency Representation


Our experience includes successful representation of clients in cases involving: 

  • sexual harassment (and other kinds of harassment
  • discrimination (sex, age, race, disability, religion, sexual orientation, national origin)
  • wrongful discharge
  • Fair Employment and Fair Housing Claims and Proceedings [DFEH and EEOC]
  • overtime and wage claims
  • defamation and other reputational harm
  • privacy
  • workplace violence prevention and workplace security, including restraining orders
  • leaves of absence (including family and medical care leaves)
  • wage and hour issues (overtime, commissions claims and other wage claims)
  • employment benefits
  • investigation of employee misconduct
  • investigation of complaints and claims
  • substance abuse and rehabilitation
  • reductions in force and layoffs
  • safety and health compliance (OSHA) issues
  • California and Federal Unfair Labor Practice proceedings

Handbook and Policy Review

Our experience includes drafting and review of numerous employee handbooks and employment policies for employers in multiple industries, and of all sizes, including education, health care, technology, agriculture, real estate developments, broadcasting, restaurants, child care centers, service providers and non-profit corporations.


Contract Law And Construction Law


Representation in all types of contract disputes

Representation in Construction Law matters, including construction defects


Multiple Fee and Service Options


We pride ourselves on being flexible enough to achieve what is in our clients’ best interests, which, in the right case, could include attorney fee arrangements other than a fixed rate per hour -- like deferred fee payments, contingency arrangements, and fixed fee per defined task. 

Please make an appointment so we can discuss what fee structure may be right for you. 


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